12 Carbohydrate Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet

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Yesterday we discussed about rich sources of carbohydrates or carbohydrate rich foods where I mentioned that those foods though are rich in carbohydrate cannot be consumed the same way. For example we usually eat rice in large quantities but cannot eat dry dates in large quantities. We found that many foods are though rich in carbs cannot be made staple food due to different nutritional values. Today we will check which carbohydrate rich foods can and should be added to your daily diet; and these foods are rich sources too.

14 Carbohydrate Rich Foods

I have already mentioned in the previous post that carbohydrates come under energy giving food groups which means this macro-nutrient is required for our daily energy needs. There are many people who avoid carbs mostly since they think it causes obesity. I have mentioned few points clearing the myth in the previous post, please check that. Another point I would like to add to this is carbohydrate is mostly utilized by brain. So, to have a properly functioning brain, carbohydrate is very much essential. Your brain prefers carbohydrates over any other nutrient.

carbohydrate rich foods to include in your diet




12 Carbohydrate Rich Foods To Include In Your Diet


1. Parboiled or Brown Rice

Like I mentioned yesterday, 100g of parboiled rice gives 346 kCal and 79g of carbohydrates. You might be thinking why I mentioned parboiled rice or brown rice only here. There are many types of rice available in the market which boil easily, which are easy to cook, easy to digest and tastes better than these two variants. But all those variants are well-polished and finely milled. Polished rice loses all the fiber content and B-complex present in its bran. Parboiled rice and brown rice contain fiber and B-complex which are not lost like other variants. This fiber content will prevent the release of glucose into the blood at a time; carbs breakdown into glucose slowly releasing into the blood and thereby maintain blood glucose levels. Isn’t this the reason why we eat wheat? When this can be achieved by rice, why do all rice lovers have to eat wheat?



2. Rice Flakes & Puffed Rice

We found that rice flakes and puffed rice are also very good source of carbs and are healthy. 100g rice flakes provide 346 kCal and 77.3g carbs while 100g puffed rice provides 325 kCal and 73.6g carbs. These two variants add taste to food and can be consumed as breakfast or snack. If you are an Indian reading this, then let us tell you that rice flakes are called poha & puffed rice are called murmure in Hindi.



3. Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat is considered as one of the best sources of carbs and is mostly consumed in North India in the form of Roti; it is called as Chapati in South India. Being whole means being rich in fiber. Unfortunately though it is mentioned as whole wheat flour on the branded products available in the market, we are not sure of it. We prefer to have it but the best is hand pounded wheat. Fiber rich whole wheat foods also release glucose slowly into the blood and thereby controls blood glucose levels. Can’t we have refined flour? Is it unhealthy? Though it is not unhealthy but it releases glucose at a time into the blood which increases blood glucose at one go. Thus it can be called as high GI (Glycemic Index) food which we do not recommend. Still 100g of it provides 348 kCal and 73.9g carbs.

4. Wheat Vermicelli



Vermicelli is considered as better than many 100g of which gives 353 kCal and 78.3g carbs. In Hindi we call it Sevai or Semia in Telugu (South Indian language).

5. Bulgur Wheat

Wheat bulgur is purified wheat, parboiled, dried and crushed. 100g of it gives 356k Cal and 77.2g of carbohydrates. You can make different recipes using few vegetables with it.

6. Semolina



100g of semolina gives 348 kCal and 74.8g carbs and semolina is Suji in Hindi which Indians use to prepare upma mostly in breakfast and sometimes in dinner.

Roots & Tubers

7. Sweet Potatoes

Though arrowroot and tapioca chips are rich sources of carbs among roots & tubers, we cannot find them easily in the market. Sweet potatoes come next to these two food items which gives 120 kCal and 28.2g of carbohydrates from 100g of it. You can boil them and directly munch on the sweet root as snack. However it is not required to have it on daily basis.

8. Yam



Rataaloo is its Hindi name and 100g of ordinary yam gives 111 kCal and 26g carbs while 100g of wild yam gives 110 kCal and 24.4g carbs. You can cook it and have as a side dish with rice.

9. Potato

We all know what a potato is and Indians call it aaloo. 100g of it gives 97 kCal and 22.6g carbs. If you lack energy then this can boost your energy instantly.


10. Dried Dates

Though not for carbohydrates these are recommended for other nutritional benefits. But if you look into the carbohydrate values, dried dates are very much rich in carbs; 100g provide 317 kCal and as much as 75.8g carbs which is more than many cereals. 2 to 3 dried dates are normally recommended to have daily for many health benefits and this can instantly boost your energy levels. If you feel low then having 2 of these can boost your energy. Soak them overnight and have them next morning.

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11. Raisins

These are also recommended for other nutritional benefits rather than carbs but you can see that these rich sources of carbs. 100g can provide 308 kCal and 74.6g carbs. Have few everyday after soaking them overnight.

12. Bananas

You might have heard plenty of times that bananas boost energy. That’s absolutely true. 100g of it can give 116 kCal and 27.2g carbs. Have a ripe banana everyday for its nutritional benefits. Having it when you are low can boost your energy levels up.

These are the 12 foods which you can add to your daily diet without a second thought to get the daily energy requirements from carbohydrates.

Which of these carbohydrate rich foods did you include in your diet?



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