Health Benefits of Dates

13 Health Benefits of Dates

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13 Health Benefits of Dates

Date fruit, also known as date palm is related to palm family and it is a flowering plant species; it is a sweet fruit. The date fruit seeds are soaked and used for animal feed. Its oil is used in many manufacturing industries to make cosmetics, soaps and it is added to coffee beans to preserve it for a long time. Fresh dates are available from the month of August to December; dried dates are easily available at any time of the year in stores. Good Dates are good source of vitamins, minerals, sugar, energy, and fiber.

Health Benefits of Dates


Nutritional Values of Dates

nutritional values of dates

Health Benefits of Dates



1. Reduce Constipation
Dates are rich sources of fiber and so they support in healthy bowel movements and easy passage of food through the intestinal tract, which will relieve the symptoms of constipation. It stimulates the intestinal transit activity and corrects mineral content deregulation that usually happens in constipation.

2. Strengthen Bones
It contains minerals like selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium which promote healthy bone development and give strength to bones. Thus, it also provides many bone related disorders like osteoporosis. Vitamin K present in them blood coagulant and help to metabolize the bones.

3. Cure Intestinal Disorders
It has nicotine content which is useful for curing different intestinal disorders. Consuming dates will stop the growth of harmful organisms and thus, they encourage the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestine.

4. Deal With Anemia
The high mineral content present in dates is useful for many health conditions. It increases the energy and strength in the people suffering from anemia, while it decreases the sluggishness and fatigue due to the presence of iron.



5. Treat Allergies
It prevents seasonal allergies and allergic reactions because it has organic sulfur.

6. Raises Weight Gain
Dates are a good source of many nutrients such as sugars, proteins, and different essential vitamins. When it is consumed with cucumber paste, you can maintain a normal healthy weight.

7. Improve Energy Levels
It is rich in natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. It provides instant energy when you are weak and exhausted.

8. Promotes Nervous system
It supports the speed and alertness of the brain activity because of the presence of potassium, which helps to promote health and nervous system response.

9. Supports Heart Health
It decreases the LDL levels of cholesterol or the bad cholesterol in the body increasing the HDL or good cholesterol; therefore, it is said to be helpful in keeping your heart healthy. It prevents heart diseases like atherosclerosis due to rich antioxidants present in dates. Isoflavones in dates also prevent many heart problems.



10. Treat Sexual Problems
It makes sexual tolerance high and decreases the sterility related problems caused by different sexual disorders. It is useful in rising sexual stamina. Since ancient times the date palm pollen has been used to treat male infertility.

11. Cure Night Blindness
The benefits of dates are high and they fight against the nose, ear, and throat which are being affected. It acts like alternative medicine in rural areas and prevents night blindness due to the presence of vitamin A in abundance.

12. Reduce intoxication
It provides immediate relief from severe hangovers when you consume the high amount of alcohol.

13. Treat Diarrhea
It cures diarrhea because of the soluble fiber present in it. Potassium in dates provides the bulk to the bowel movements and support the normal motion.
One date contains 20 calories and 5g of carbohydrates. Especially dates are rich in vitamin B6, A and K. Dates are of many varieties among which Medjool are very famous. It benefits us in many ways by decreasing cholesterol, boosting energy levels and supports bone health.

Which of these 13 health benefits of dates were you not aware of?



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