8 Must Follow Tips For Healthy Hair In Monsoon Season

8 Must Follow Tips For Healthy Hair In Monsoon Season

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These days, it rained heavily in Hyderabad and all the roads were too bad to travel. My hair fall all of a sudden increased and I slowly developed dandruff. To start with I’m going to talk about few hair care tips one should follow in the monsoons and then I’ll post on how to reduce hair fall and how to cure dandruff as well.

8 Must Follow Tips For Healthy Hair In Monsoon Season

8 Must Follow Tips For Healthy Hair In Monsoon Season

Monsoon season brings beautiful weather and lovely rains. Though monsoon relieves us from terrible summers but the humidity brings lot of hair problems. Monsoon is season of hair hazards. During this season there is increase in hair fall, our hair gets excessively oily and rough. Also, the scalp is itchy and filled with dandruff. You have to be very careful about your valuable tresses. During this you have to avoid chemical based products as they enhance hair fall and other issues. Read on and find out easy hacks to have healthy here in monsoons.

8 Must Follow Tips For Healthy Hair In Monsoon Season

1. Choose A Safe Shampoo:

You need to be very careful while choosing a shampoo during rainy season. You need to shampoo your hair at-least three times a week. Chemical based strong shampoos should be avoided. It is advisable to use mild and soft shampoo. It will help you to clean scalp and hair, plus there will not be an adverse effect on your hair health. So, you can choose from a variety of natural shampoos or you can even opt for soft kid’s shampoo during this particular season.

2. Conditioner Is Must:

Only shampooing your hair is not enough, you should use a good conditioner along with it. This conditioner will help to maintain natural moisture and also keep your hair frizz free.

3. Ditch your Hair Dryer:

For strong and healthy hair you should let them dry naturally. It is best to avoid hair dryers, ironing machine or any other electric way to dry your hair. These artificial ways make your hair weak and increases hair fall. So, it’s better to ditch hair dryer and dry your hair first with a towel and then in natural air.

4. Say Bye-Bye to Hair-Styling Products:

Hair styling products like hair gel or other chemical based products may harm your hair. These products tend to damage your hair a lot. So, to stay safe say bye-bye to your hair-styling product.

5. Use Wooden Comb:

You should ditch your plastic comb and use wooden comb. The wooden comb helps to de-tangle your frizzy and unmanageable hair. It helps to restrain your hair fall.

6. Oiling Is Best:

Oiling is the best possible solution to nourish hair. It helps maintain hair moisture and control frizzy hair. Regular oiling will lend you smooth and shiny hair.

7. Eat Well:

Having healthy diet is very important for hair. You should add protein in your diet that is very important for strengthening your hair. Add foods eggs, fish, and walnut in your diet that rich in protein. Also, have loads of water that will help to hydrate your scalp and help to strengthen hair roots.

8. Avoid Dandruff:

Dandruff is another big issue in rainy season. It weakens your hair badly. It is advisable to keep your dandruff free. To shun-off dandruff you can use a mixture of egg white with almond oil. It is very effective and solves your dandruff issue.

We really hope these simple tips will be very helpful in monsoon season. So, rock on with your gorgeous hair.

These were few basic tips I follow in the Monsoons. Did I Miss anything important? Please comment so that I can update it.

Which  of these 8 must follow tips for healthy hair in monsoon season do you follow as well?

By Sonal Ghai

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