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Hey how are you? First of all thanks for showing interest to know about us. This is a one girl blog maintained by me (Gayatri).

“Life’s Craze” is a beauty blog that covers beauty, makeup, reviews,and sometimes random posts. Recently I’ve started vlogging as well. Please check my YouTube channel and if you like it, please subscribe. As I’m new to vlogging, please pour in your love, best wishes and valuable suggestions.

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Gayatri – Owner cum Writer & Vlogger

Hi, friend. I’m Gayatri, an Engineer by profession and an avid freelance lifestyle writer since past 6 years by hobby. After writing for pretty many websites and blogs, I’ve gained so much of knowledge on health, beauty and of course blogging; and so I’ve finally started my own blog. It’s hard to balance my daily life with so much of work. Balancing the office work, blog work and my personal life is bit harder. Still I’ll keep trying my best to update this blog without fail. Here I post everything with the best of my knowledge hoping that will be helpful to you.

Feel free to shoot me a mail at lgayatri.balivada@gmail.com whenever you want.

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At contact@lifescraze.com