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Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil Review

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I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Balu Herbals before or not because I never heard of it before till I went to their store at Hyderabad. This store is located in JNTU road connecting Forum mall (Kukatpally) of Hyderabad. There were many herbal products available and we bought few products from them. The sales girl offered this Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil and advertised it so crazily. So, today let’s talk about this oil and check if you should try it or not.

Balu Herbals B Best Hair Oil Cover Pik

Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil Review

Balu Herbals B Best Hair Oil

Price: Rs. 250/- for 250 ml and 500/- for 500 ml


“Karivepaku, Aloevera, Totakura, Kachura, Nimbha, Bhringraj, Amla, Ananthamula, Jatamansi, Coconut oil, Brahmi, Jhar Haldi, Bala, Vattiverlu”

Balu Herbals B Best Hair Oil Ingredients

How to Use?

“Apply three times a week, sufficient quantity all over the hair, wash after 6 hours.”

What Does Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil Claims?

“B-Best Hair Oil reduce hair loss, works to promote hair growth. Regular massage using this oil increases the circulation of blood to scalp. In turn, this activates the hair follicles, increase the hair thickness and lustre as well.”

Balu Herbals B Best Hair Oil Info

My Experience With Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil


This oil comes in a clear bottle with a green cap which is tight enough to avoid leakage but still isn’t travel friendly. However I never recommend oils to travel with.

Fragrance and Consistency:

This smells so herbal and strong. It’s dark green in color and less oily than coconut oil.

My Experience With Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil:

My hair fall rapidly increased and so I thought of getting Ayurvedic hair oil. It used to be really thick and long and slowly it became half of the previous volume. When I visited the store the salesgirl advertised this oil crazily. She says this will promote hair growth 50 times more than any other oil. Thought I didn’t believe her statement of 50 times faster hair growth, I just expected it to stop my hair fall. Rest I can take care since whenever I had haircut, it grew back really fast in no time. I just had to concentrate on its thickness.

I used it couple of times but I saw heavy hair fall. I thought this is because it’s a quite new product for my hair and will take time to get used to it. But then I used almost half of the bottle in hope it’ll work but every time I used it, it only increased my hair fall. I wasted 500/- on it and I don’t know what to do with the remaining oil which costs around 250/-. I had very bad experience with this one. I suggest not to use this one even if you don’t have hair fall issue. I don’t have anything else to talk about this one. Just a single line is enough to review it, “Worst oil I’ve ever used in my life”.

Pros of Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil:

  • Good packaging
  • Not too oily

Cons of Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil:

  • Pricy
  • Not available so easily (available only in Balu Herbals stores)
  • Increases hairfall. (The statement of 50 times more hair growth fall than usual applies)

Rating: 0.3/5 (only for packaging)

Overall: Worst Product

Will I Re-purchase Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil Review? Never in my life

Will I Recommend Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil Review? Not even to my enemies.

Did Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil Work For You? Please Share Your Experience If So.


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