Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam

Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam Review

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I spoke about Balu Herbals before while reviewing Balu Herbals B-Best Hair Oil. If you haven’t read that then please take a look. Today I’m here with another product from the same brand which is a kumkumadi lepam. These days I heard a lot about kumkumadi lepam products. These might be working well and so when I saw this at store, I immediately grabbed it. So, let’s see how it worked on me.

Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam

Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam Review

Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam

Price: 190/- for 30g

Availability: Only available in Balu Herbals store and their website

What Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam Claims?

“Kumkumadi Lepam is an ancient ayurvedic recipe consisting of precious ayurvedic ingredients as detailed in the ancient texts of beauty secrets.

This cream is very effective in improving the color (complexion) and texture of the skin and is also effective for pimples, black marks and rings under the eye.

Provides a fresh and natural glow for your skin.

Acts as an active care for black spots, acne and pimples.

Cleanse the skin thus providing a natural brightness.”

Directions To Use:

Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam

My Experience With Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam


This comes in a white plastic tub with a tight screw cap. The packaging is tight but is unhygienic. You need to dip your finger to take the product out. Since the consistency is solid, the packaging is travel friendly.

Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam

Consistency & Fragrance:

It looks like some lip balm packed in a tub. Those small tub packed affordable lip balms are so hard to remove and soft to touch like petroleum jelly. This product is also just like that. It looks like some petroleum jelly in bright red color. Coming to fragrance it also smells something similar but strong. I don’t like its smell much.

Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam


It doesn’t get absorbed into the skin so easily. So, I prefer applying very less quantity. During summers, I really sweat a lot after applying and I feel like I’m sweating out the entire product. It’s definitely not for summers, and those who sweat a lot and those with oily skin should avoid it. Coming to its efficiency, I’m not satisfied at all. I really didn’t see any difference. I felt like I’m just applying some petroleum jelly and moisturizing my skin. That’s it. However this comes long. Very less amount is enough to cover your face and so the price for that quantity seems very affordable. But what’s the use if I’m only moisturizing my skin? I can get pure petroleum jelly instead. Overall, this is a bad product.

Pros of Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam:

  • Affordable
  • Good packaging
  • Very less quantity is enough to cover face
  • Goes long

Cons of Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam:

  • Available only in Balu Herbals stores & their website
  • Skin doesn’t absorb it well
  • Not for oily skin & those who sweat a lot
  • No results found except moisturizing skin
  • Strong fragrance
  • Bad consistency

Rating: 2/5

Overall: Bad product

Will I Repurchase Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam? Not even in dreams.

Will I Recommend Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam? No. There are better products in the market.

Have you ever tried Balu Herbals Kumkumadi Lepam before? Share your experience with us.

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