Banjara's Fruit Face Pack Cover Pik

Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack Review

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I told in Banjara’s Rose Water review that I got it with Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack and I mentioned there that I’ll review it as soon as possible and here I am. Banjara is an Indian brand with all the products available at a very affordable and pocket friendly price. These come at such a low price that you can’t resist from trying them. But do they work well? Let’s check it out.

Banjara's Fruit Face Pack Cover Pik

Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack Review

Banjara's Fruit Face Pack

Price: Rs.85 for 100gm

Key Ingredients:

“Apple oil pineapple oil, acerola, grape oil.”

What Does Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack Claim?

“Banjara’s Fresh Fruit pack refines the skin texture. It firms up the pores and maintains the required skin balance and gives it a natural glow with fresh look.”

Banjara's Fruit Face Pack Details

My Experience With Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack


The face pack comes packed in 4 green sachets which are kept in a white paper box along with a tiny bottle of Banjara’s Rose Water. To use you need to cut open a sachet and staple it to close it which is a hectic job. Else you can also transfer the contents into a clean plastic bottle to keep it safely.

So, regarding packaging I totally hate it. Along with this I got Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack which is in a tube and is in the paste form. You just need to apply it directly all over face unlike this powder form of the face pack.

Banjara's Fruit Face Pack Contents

Consistency & Fragrance:

This one is green colored smooth powder which needs to be mixed well in some rose water provided by them to make paste out of it.

It smells like multani mitti and nothing more.

Banjara's Fruit Face Pack PowderBanjara's Fruit Face Pack Rose Water

My Experience With Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack:

Be careful while mixing the powder with water else consistency may either become thick or runny. Apply it all over your face after cleansing and see how it removes excess oi from your face. You know verywell that multani mitti or fuller’s earth is for oily skin and not for dry skin.

Coming to its effectiveness, after removing the pack I didn’t feel anything special but did feel like this freshens up skin by removing excess oil and dirt. The results are the same as some multani mitti provides. I didn’t find any benefits of fruits. They might have added some of the fruit oils in very less quantity and so it didn’t show up and the results of only multani mitti are visible.

Pros of Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack:

  1. Affordable
  2. Very easily available everywhere
  3. Dries quickly
  4. Removes excess oil completely
  5. Freshens up skin

Cons of Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack:

  1. Packaging is so bad
  2. If you do not mix it with right amount of water, the pack’s consistency may go all wrong.
  3. No fruit benefits but only fuller’s earth’s benefits.
  4. Not for dry skin

Rating: 3/5

Overall: Good Product

Will I Re-Purchase Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack?

No, since it works just like multani mitti and nothing’s more than that. I just may try other variants but not this one again.

Will I Recommend This To You?

Only if you don’t have objections using it. Yes, if you have tight budget.

Have You Tried Banjara’s Fruit Face Pack Before? Then Please Share Your Experience With us.

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