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Banjara’s Rose Water Review

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Before reviewing Banjara’s Rose Water, I should tell you that I have either used Dabur Gulabari Rose Water or homemade rose water. When I bought Banjara’s Fruit face pack, I got this tiny bottle of rose water from their brand.

Banjara's Rose Water Cover Pik

Banjara’s Rose Water Review

Banjara's Rose Water

Price: Rs. 40 for 120ml and Rs. 120 for 1000ml

Availability: Easily available both offline and online.



“Rose Oil & Rose Extract”

What Does Banjara’s Rose Water Claim?

“Banjara’s premium rose water is made up of purified water and enriched with pure rose oil. Applying this rose water on the face or using it with a face pack will help remove dirt from the clogged pores. It hydrates the skin and makes it soft. It also works as a natural skin toner by tightening pores thereby giving you glowing, younger looking skin. Its unique long lasting natural rose fragrance will uplift your senses.”

Banjara's Rose Water Info

My Experience With Banjara’s Rose Water


Banjara’s rose water comes in a clear cylindrical bottle with a tight screw cap. Packaging is quite good and travel friendly. I did like its packaging and all the information is printed on it.

Banjara's Rose Water Packaging


This one smells great. I really love this fragrance and while using it kind of relaxed my senses and mind. There’s nothing talk about consistency since this is rose water. It looks clear and not pinkish liquid. When I prepare rose water at home it turn dark pinkish in color since I make it so strong. I then dilute it in more water but it’s still never clear like these market available products. So, I prefer homemade rose water over these.

My Experience With Banjara’s Rose Water:

Since I got this one in Banjara’s fruit face pack, I used it in face pack initially. As expected it gave good results. You can read my review on the face pack to know more. Then I thought of testing it directly as a toner. What’s so special? This is a simple rose water. It won’t do wonders but it will keep your skin hydrated and glowing for sure on regular usage. I make my own skin toner most of the times but when I’m running out of time to prepare, I prefer rose water as a toner over any other skin toners for my skin. I’ll share how I make toner at home soon. Overall, this is a good buy like the Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. I didn’t find any big difference between these two.

Pros of Banjara’s Rose Water:

  • Affordable
  • Very light weight
  • Good travel friendly packaging
  • Available both online and offline
  • Fragrance is so pleasant
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gets absorbed into skin quickly
  • Keeps skin glowing on regular use

Cons of Banjara’s Rose Water:

  • Nothing

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall: Best Product

Will I Re-Purchase Banjara’s Rose Water?

Yes, why not? I mostly prefer homemade rose water but when I prefer to buy I may definitely choose this one.

Will I Recommend You Banjara’s Rose Water?

Yes, a must have.

Do you use Banjara’s Rose Water ? Then Please Share Your Experience With Us.

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