Health Benefits of Okra



Health Benefits of Okra

Okra is also known as Lady’s finger in English, Bendakaya in Telugu, and Bhindi in Hindi. It has insoluble and soluble fiber and also it has vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Fiber present in okra is very useful to our body.




1. Fiber Content

The dietary fiber of lady’s finger is familiar, so it is recommended to eat for best digestion. The fiber helps in digestion in the body by simplifying the bowel movement. It has 9% nutritive value and 3.2 grams of fiber content.

2. Prevents Diabetes



Okra is well known, which helps in controlling diabetes. It is a great source of fiber which aids in the prevention of the disease. By drinking okra water daily in early morning reduces blood sugar levels.

3. Controls Asthma

Asthma can be cured by including okra in our diet or meals. It has vitamin K which helps in proper blood clotting and it builds bones. Okra lowers the neural tube weakness in a newborn baby because of the presence of folate mineral and it is particularly recommended during pregnancy.



4. Prevents Constipation

By assisting proper absorption of water, lady’s finger helps in free motion ejection and it hampers constipation. It even prohibits sunstroke, colon cancers, and other associated diseases, when you include in your diet.



5. Controls Obesity

Obesity is not occurring because of eating fatty or excessive caloric food, it’s actually due to lack of nutrients in our body. By consuming okra in your diet removes extra fat from our body remarkably.

6. Lowers Cholesterol Levels



This vegetable aids in lowering absorption of cholesterol, thus it protects from heart diseases. It provokes obesity and heart diseases because of cholesterol commanding factor. It reduces illness from the blood due to the accumulation of cholesterol.

7. Low Glycemic Index Food



Okra is very low glycemic index food and health practitioners suggest people eat okra because of its low glycemic index food. It has 20 glycemic index value according medical standards.

8. Prevents Kidney Diseases

Kidney problems are more dangerous when you are identifying with type 2 diabetes. Approximately half of the diseases are associated with a kidney which is caused by diabetes. By drinking okra water and eating okra in your meal aids in counteracting kidney diseases.



9. Aids in Digestion

Because of its soluble fiber content, okra aids in boosting blood sugar levels and lowers the risk of heart diseases. It is particularly good for the digestive system. It is a great source of antioxidants which aids in arresting cancer, heart disease, and age-old diseases.



10. Vitamin C for Skin

It has vitamin C in okra aids in supporting to look young. It helps in restoring body tissues and thus, it aids in keeping your skin younger and it gives you dazzling skin.



11. Prevents Skin Pigmentation

Nutrients present in okra literally aids in blocking skin pigmentation. It is beneficial to renew skin and renovate damages. By consuming okra in your daily diet you can be far away from skin pigmentation.

12. Bouncy Hair



In a bowl put okra along with water and boil it and the sticky mucilage found in okra is beneficial for getting vibrant hair. If you have rough hair try this remedy and get back bouncy hair.

13. Hair Conditioner

The transparent mucilage can also be used as hair conditioner. After shampooing your hair, rub your hair with this substance and wash it entirely and observe your hair which gives you smooth and silky hair. It is a natural remedy, which keeps you away from harmful chemical products.



14. Scalp Moisturizer

It is an outstanding moisturizer for the itchy and dry scalp. It gives you a soft hair. It is good for curly and lifeless hair. It also fights against dandruff and it hydrates your scalp and always keeps you away from dandruff.

Health Benefits of Okra



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