10 Best Grapefruit Essential Oils And Its Benefits For Hair

Grapefruits are pink luscious and delicious fruits and we all love them but do we all know its amazing benefits for hair? There’s no doubt that grapefruit has fresh, sweet, light and citrusy aroma which has healing properties not only for both body and mind but also skin and hair. Rich in antioxidants and with plenty of medicinal benefits, this fruit is named from the Latin word, “Citrus Paradisi”. The grapefruit rind is used to extract the cold pressed essential oil which is yellow in color with watery consistency. The…

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Common Hair Washing Mistakes

Hair Washing

Common hair washing mistakes are part of our daily routine. We do not think much about it. It is as simple as using a shampoo, lathering your hair and washing it out. No, it is not as easy as it sounds. You need be careful while shampooing your hair. It is to be done on right time, at right water temperature and with a good shampoo in a particular way. In correct shampooing might harm your hair. They may turn dry or frizzy or rough. Are you wondering about it?…

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Easy Home Remedies for Gorgeous Hair

Henna Hair Dye

By Sonal Ghai Beautiful gorgeous hair adds to your looks, personality and beauty. Nowadays most of us are having hair problems including dry hair, hair fall, rough hair, early graying and what not. It is our sulking lifestyles and bad eating habits that is one of the biggest factors for our hair issues. Now we cannot completely mend our daily habits but yes we can make some small changes to improve our hair health. Ditch your hi-fi shampoos and chemical based conditioners and it’s time to pick up some natural…

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