Common Hair Washing Mistakes

Hair Washing

Common hair washing mistakes are part of our daily routine. We do not think much about it. It is as simple as using a shampoo, lathering your hair and washing it out. No, it is not as easy as it sounds. You need be careful while shampooing your hair. It is to be done on right time, at right water temperature and with a good shampoo in a particular way. In correct shampooing might harm your hair. They may turn dry or frizzy or rough. Are you wondering about it? Read on to find out more and avoid mistakes that may harm your hair. 

Wash When Required

It is believed that you should wash your hair twice or thrice in a week. No! No! No! It is not like that you should wash your hair whenever it is required. If you need to wash your hair daily do it daily. There is absolutely no rule when to wash your hair, it depends upon every individual’s personal requirement. So, whenever you find your damp or unmanageable go ahead and wash them otherwise dirt might harm your scalp and hair.

Ditch Your Shampoo

If you are doing mistakes when washing hair everyday then at times try ditching your shampoo. You can simply use water and still remove dirt. It will also give you a break from chemical based shampoo. Wash your hair with water and then use a mild conditioner. Try it you will be left with beautiful hair.

Lather As Required 

You should not lather only once, rather you can even go for second round if your hair are really dirty or your scalp is oily and itchy. When you shampoo first it gets rid of the junk and second ones actually cleans it. When you are not able to get rich lather in first round it means you require second one. 

Decide Your Water Temperature

You need to decide your water temperature before washing. If you are simply washing your hair without conditioning it then you should wash it with normal water. If you want to deep clean then use warm water that helps penetration of your shampoo nicely. Try avoiding very hot water as it will leave your scalp dry and your hair little frizzy.

Use A Right Shampoo

Do not get driven by fancy advertisements, you should pick a right shampoo according to your hair. Also, avoid too much chemical based shampoo as it will harm your hair in long run. You can pick a good mild shampoo if you have normal hair and a little strong shampoo if you are facing dandruff. Use a rich shampoo if you have dull hair. So, just understand your hair problem and then pick a shampoo.

Message Your Shampoo Well

You do not have to simply squeeze shampoo and brush it. You should massage your hair with fingers in circular motion so that shampoo spreads evenly over your hair. Then leave it for one to two minutes and then wash it off. This is a proper and effective way to shampoo your hair. 

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Which of these common mistakes of washing hair do you make?

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