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How to Maintain Heart Healthy

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It is very important to maintain heart healthy for anyone as the heart problems are pretty common. So in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle one needs to maintain a healthy heart. So here are some simple tips to follow to maintain a healthy heart.

How to Maintain Heart Healthy

1. Reduction of Fat Intake
Medically a certain amount of fat is acceptable for our body health if taken with a well-balanced diet. But you can keep your heart healthy by reducing the amount of fat you consume as well as the type of fat you consume everyday. So it’s right time to keep a track on what you eat and modify it into a healthy diet.
It is OK to intake monounsaturated fats (MUFA) such as rapeseed oil, olive oil, nuts and avocado. But intake of Saturated fat in not good for your health as it affects blood cholesterol levels. So reduce intake of cakes, pastries, cookies, burgers and full-fat diary products etc.
Intake of small amounts of oily fishes such as sardines and salmon, soybeans, corn and sunflower which have polyunsaturated fat can help in reduction of cholesterol levels in body.

2. Maintain Salt Intake
For better health it is recommended to intake only 6 gm of salt a day max. as more salt intake can directly affect the blood pressure leaving a high blood pressure in your body. So make sure you cook food with only little amount of salt and not to add extra at the table for a healthy heart.

3. Regular Exercise
Even with a busy schedule which is not more important than your health, keep at least 30 min. for your regular exercise. Regular exercise can not only strengthens your heart, but it also controls, blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

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4. Maintaining Proper Body Weight
We know that extra weight always adds extra stress and strain to heart. Intake of excess calorie-laden and fattening foods can eventually make you feel de-energized and can effect your self-confidence. It is an advice to eat more vegetables, fruits, less sugary foods. Eat more seed breads, pasta, wholegrain cereals which have more unrefined carbohydrates in it.
Inorder to reduce cholesterol, one can intake, beans, oats, and soluble fiber.

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5. No Smoking
If you smoke, it is very important to quit smoking to improve your health. Smoking gives many respiratory diseases, emphysema and cancer as well as heart problems. If you quit smoking, you will quit the chances of getting all these disesases. Quitting smoking can also reduce the chances of getting heart stroke. Heart and blood pressure patients are always suggested by doctors, to quit smoking.

6. Take a Break and Relax
In a busy lifestyle, people always stress heart. So, by taking a break and relaxing with friends and familes can help you reduce the stress level and can help your heart’s and also brain’s health.

7. Changes in lifestyle better than dieting
By following healthy diet, and practicing regular exercise one can improve health better than one who do dieting. For many people dieting may be an easy way to maintain weight, but it may not be a better option.

8. Monitor Health and Weight
Always keep an eye on BMI (Body Mass Index) to maintain a healthy weight. And also keep your body blood pressure under control by maintaining a blood pressure machine.


So guys, this is about, how to maintain a healthy heart.

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