How To Strengthen Your Back With Yoga?

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Tips To Strengthen Your Back With Yoga

Weak back muscles is a common problem that most of us face in our daily lives. And weak muscles are vulnerable to injury and back pain. Your hectic lifestyle forces you to spend a lot of your time in front of the computer screen and it is very common that your back starts developing pain. In order to get rid of the pain, it is important that you develop a workout and plan for it. If you suffer from serious back issues, we suggest you to start from a simple and basic back exercise, until you are confident enough to try difficult poses. That will slowly strengthen your back muscles.

Follow a schedule, and make sure that you do these yoga poses at the same time everyday. Before you start practicing these poses, it is important for you to make your hip muscles strong because back pain is usually caused by weak hips and hamstrings. You can do the following exercise to improve your hip muscles.

Get Into The Cat – Cow Pose

cat-cow pose



Look at the ground and align your neck with your spine. Push your abdomen slightly and then look at the ceiling. As you round your neck, breathe out and drop your head to gaze at your navel. Take it very slow and do not force your muscles. Soon, you will feel that your back muscles have started loosening up and this pose has improved your flexibility as well.

By following the yoga poses given below, you can strengthen your back muscles.

Get Into The Cobra Pose

cobra pose

It clearly shows that this pose will strengthen your back. Lift yourself up slightly, and while doing this make sure that you do not strain your back muscles and support them. Come down and take some rest.

Stay in the Cobra pose only, in this pose you will have to lift your legs, while putting some pressure on your hands. This pose helps you in strengthening your middle and lower back. While doing this pose, you should lift your legs only to the level that you are comfortable in.

Continuing with the same Cobra pose, lift your legs up slightly, while inhaling, open the legs out and while exhaling, bring back the feet together. Do this 5-7 times. Between each set, take 5-10 deep breaths and do at least 3 sets.



Thread Needle Pose

thread needle pose


After the Cobra pose, we will now focus on Thread Needle pose which is also known to strengthen your back muscles. For this pose, you will have to lie on your back with your knees up, and your feet and shoulders touching the floor. Take your right foot and place it on your left thigh and try to reach your right hand through the gap between your legs. With the help of your left hand, reach your left thigh and clasp your fingers, and take your knees towards your chest. Do the same with the other leg and rest.

However, you should take care while doing these poses. While doing these poses, in case if you feel any pain or pinching, you should stop doing that pose immediately.

How do you strengthen your back with yoga help?


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