Inviting New Writers


First of all thank you for showing interest to join us. This is a good opportunity for newbies who are looking forward to be a content writer. Go ahead and read it completely. If you fit in and are interested to write, then ‘welcome to Life’s Craze’.

Who Is Eligible?

If you have

1. Interest to write

2. Good English language skills

3. Basic knowledge of MS Word, Email, WordPress, typing etc.

4. Good at social media. You will have to promote your published posts.

The Categories

We have plans to publish on a wide range of topics in coming future. So, feel free to let us know if you want to write on any category; but make sure to take our approval before you start writing. Here is a list of categories we accept for now.

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Makeup
  • Reviews
  • Stories
  • Arts & Crafts or DIYs

The Topics

Make sure before you start writing check if that topic is already published in the blog or not. Make a list of the topics which are not yet published here and write mail to We will reply you in 24 hours. Start writing on the approved topics.

You can write up to 5 posts a day. There are few terms & conditions, levels, etc. about writing for us. Please read on.

Terms & Conditions, And How It Works

1. You need to apply by sending a sample post of minimum 400 words in a word document and mail it. Keep the subject line in the format: “<name> – Writer”. In the body of your mail please give your details.


Experience: (we prefer newbies)

category/categories you want to cover:

Sample Topic:

If your sample is approved then you’ll receive a mail from us and then you can start writing.

2. If you want to choose a new category which we have not yet started then please feel free to ask us. If we approve of it, you can go ahead.

3. Once you receive approval from us, please choose topics which are not yet covered here. Keep the subject line as “Topics” and send it to us. We’ll reply you within 24 hours; and then you can start working on the approved topics.

4. You can write up to 5 posts a day.

5. Each post should have minimum 400 words and should be 100% original. Please check it in plagiarism tool online.

6. If we reject any post then you’ll receive a reply for it. You can make corrections accordingly and send it back to us. We do not reply for approved posts.

7. If you are reviewing any product, or if you are doing a DIY or arts & crafts post, then then you have to send images clicked by you. We do not accept Google images for that. Do not click piks with your phone. Please use a good camera and send original, unedited piks.

8. By sending the images and content, you are not supposed to resell or reuse them anywhere else; and we have full rights to use them anyway we want.

9. If you’re sending piks which contains you then we will use it only in our platforms but not anywhere else. We can assure you of that. You can also edit your pik as you like before you send them to us without compromising on its quality.

10. Once your post is published here, you need to check and promote it on social media. The better it performs the more you’ll get recognized.

11. Once we publish 10 posts on your name, we’ll create an account for you. You’ll be called as a newbie from now on. You can directly login and post there. We’ll instruct you about this when you reach there. You’ll be an intern till we create an account for you.

12. Similarly there are other roles called Writer, Sr. Writer, Jr. Editor, Editor, etc.

13. The minimum number of words should be 400 while the maximum is 1500. Concentrate on quality irrespective of quantity because we do not pay how number of words you write but for how well you write and how much your posts are recognized.


The pay differs for every post and every writer ranging from 50/- to 500/- per post. It again varies from category to category. For example reviews & DIYs earn more since they involve images clicked by you. The payment will be made on 1st of every month and you should have earned a minimum.

For better payment you need to work on quality & promotion.