Sugar Honey Scrub

Sugar Honey Scrub DIY

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Today I’m here with pretty simple and effective DIY that works great on skin. I’m sure you already know this one but if not this may help you. On daily basis you must be using many products. If you’re following CTM routine then you might have already known the importance of skin exfoliation as well. Which scrub do you use? Well, there’s no rule that you need to use products available in the market but if you want to use one then I suggest Everyuth walnut scrub. But if you want to try a DIY or a homemade recipe then I must say that there are ingredients which are well known for exfoliating dead skin cells very well. You just need to choose the right ingredients. I’ve already shared a scrub DIY before (Orange peel – sugar scrub) which takes some effort. Now I’m sharing a recipe which you can prepare right away in 2 minutes and use it now.

Sugar Honey Scrub

Sugar Honey Scrub DIY

Sugar Honey Scrub Cover Pik

Benefits of Sugar Honey Scrub

  1. Sugar is always considered as the best scrub for skin. You can easily slough away those dead cells easily but make sure you’re not too harsh on your skin.
  1. Honey is a moisturizing agent which holds tight the skin’s natural moisture and doesn’t let it go so easily. So, while scrubbing along with dead cells you usually lose your skin’s natural oil but honey will prevent that.
  1. Lemon with vitamin C refreshes skin and evens out skin as well. So, if you have uneven skin tone, then you should try lemon for your skin.
  1. Coconut oil has moisturizing properties. Other than this it also prevents bacteria and cleanses skin.
  1. Almond oil also cleanses skin, evens out skin tone and moisturizes it well.

How To Make Sugar Honey Scrub?

Ingredients Required:

Sugar Honey Scrub Ingredients

  1. Sugar
  2. Honey
  3. Lemon juice
  4. Coconut oil or almond oil

Method To Prepare It:

  • Take a clean bowl and add about a tablespoon of brown sugar. If you don’t have brown sugar, you can use regular sugar as well.
  • Now about a teaspoon of organic or raw honey to it.

Honey Sugar Scrub - Honey

  • Then add few drops of coconut oil. Prefer extra virgin coconut oil but if you don’t have then no issue. Prefer coconut oil if you have dry skin and if you have oily skin then avoid coconut oil; you can use almond oil instead.

Honey Sugar Scrub - Coconut Oil

  • Lemon exfoliates skin very well and so I’ve chose it to use in this recipe. However too much of it can harm your skin especially if you’ve acne. Avoid it if yours is acne prone skin or sensitive skin. Add very few drops of lemon juice; I’ve added about 4 – 5 drops to it.

Sugar Honey Scrub - Lemon

  • Make sure it doesn’t get too runny in consistency. Now mix it well and your scrub is ready to use.

Honey Sugar Scrub Ingredients In Bowl

How To Use It?

Now that your scrub is ready, spread it over your skin.

Sugar Honey Srub Swatch

Gently massage it with your fingertips in your washroom or sink because sugar scrub usually makes surroundings messy.

Leave it for a minute to let your skin absorb it and then massage slightly before rinsing it off.

Make sure you remove every trace of it and then pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Don’t leave trace of oil on face. I don’t suggest using face wash after this but if you are scared of getting pimples due to oil in this scrub then you can go ahead.

Don’t be harsh on your skin while using this scrub. There’s no hurry to get rid of dead skin cells at one go. Being harsh on skin will only harm it.

Do You Use Sugar Honey Scrub? How Frequently? Please Share Your Recipe With Me.

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