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Tea Tree Toner DIY And Its Benefits

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You might have heard many a time that tea tree oil has many benefits for skin, didn’t you? It does have and I must say this is my first ever essential oil. My brother has acne prone skin with so many new pimples popping out every time he wakes up in the morning.

Tea Tree Toner DIY And Its Benefits

Mine is a combination skin and so I rarely get any pimple on my face; whenever I get, it disappears automatically in a day or two but my brother really needs a solution to this. In addition he got extremely sensitive skin that most of the products break him out. Let me correct; not most of the products but almost all the products.

And you know what many people do when a pimple oozes out; just pop it out and get a scar or a big size hole or damaged skin. This isn’t the solution and so finally I convinced him and dared to get tea tree oil but I was aware that he has extra sensitive skin. So I decided to try it on myself first and accordingly dilute it and test it on his skin; and yes, it works. So, what are all the benefits of using this tea tree toner? And how to make this? Read on to know more.
Benefits Of Tea Tree Toner For Skin

  • Tea tree toner can cure blemishes.
  • Fades away dark spots and scars.
  • Removes the excess oil and prevents pimple formation. It also cures the
  • existing pimples and acne.
  • Prevents and cures blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Kills bacteria, virus and fungus on the skin and so prevents skin
  • infections.
  • Cures razor burns and ingrown hair.
  • Treats skin issues like corns, warts, ringworm and also wounds.
  • Can treat burns, cuts, skin tags, insect bites and even skin rashes.

How To Make Tea Tree Toner?

Ingredients Required:

  • Tea tree oil (I’m using Aroma Treasures tea tree oil)
  • Rose water or plain water (prefer filter water) (I’m using Dabur Gulabari
  • Gulab Jal or rose water)
  • A bottle (a spray bottle is a better choice but I chose a dark bottle with dropper)

Method To Prepare It:

  • I recently bought this Aroma Treasures tea tree oil which I’m going to use here. You can also use plain or filter water but I prefer using rose water. Here I’m using Dabur Gulabari Gulab Jal or Dabur Gulabari rose water. Next time I’m going to prepare rose water myself and use it. I’ll share how to make rose water at home as well.
  • You can take a normal bottle, a spray bottle or a bottle like I chose. It’s a dark bottle which has a dropper. I chose this one because on the tea tree oil bottle, it’s written to keep it in a dark place. I thought it’s better to use such a bottle. I’m not sure why. And I chose a bottle with dropper since I don’t use this toner for my entire face. So, a dropper is enough for me. If you have acne prone skin, go for a spray bottle since you may need to spray it all over face.
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of rose water in the bottle and add 1 drop of the tea tree oil. Shake well.

Rose WaterTea Tree Essential OilTea Tree Toner DIY

  • You’ll smell a strong fragrance of tea tree oil. That’s so strong but it’ll fade away with time.
  • The reason I asked you to use just 3 teaspoons of rose water is to give you an idea on the quantities. I made about half of the bottle of this toner and then diluted it further by adding more rose water since my brother has extra sensitive skin.

How To Use It?

As I said before, I added more rose water than the said ration because my brother has extra sensitive skin and for my combination skin, I do not need much diluted toner; I don’t have sensitive skin.
If you are using it for the first time, please patch test it to check if your skin can bear it or not. Dilute it based on your skin sensitivity. If you think your skin can bear it, use 3 drops of essential oil per a teaspoon of rose water and not more than this.

Cleanse your face as usual and wash your face. Take a cotton ball and drop few drops of this toner on it. Dab this on your not so dry but damp skin. Dab on the affected skin or all over your face. If you are using a spray bottle, you can spray all over face. Leave it for a minute or two and then apply your regular moisturizer.

Use this toner at least twice a day for few weeks to see good results. If you don’t have heavy skin problem or if you have minor skin issues, you can use it just before going to bed, i.e., once a day.

Have you tried making tea tree toner before?

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