The Magic Pill by Luke Coutinho

The Magic Weight-Loss Pill by Luke Coutinho with Anushka Shetty – Book Review

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When Luke released the cover picture of this book on his Facebook page, I was immediately attracted to it. I thought something is up for sure and when he announced about the book (The Magic Weight-Loss Pill), I knew that this book is going to valuable and I want to read. Now finally I got the chance to read it. I’ve posted on my Facebook page that I’m reading the book and will soon post a review on this one and here I am. I’m not going to make it a long post. Let it be short and quick.

The Magic Pill by Luke Coutinho

The Magic Weight-Loss Pill by Luke Coutinho with Anushka Shetty – Book Review


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So, this wonderful book started with a foreword by Shilpa Shetty Kundra with whom he had already worked on a book named, “The Great Indian Diet”, followed by an introduction and author’s note. Then the real content starts. This introduction is a worth reading since Luke’s part is definitely good but Anushka Shetty shares her experience on her struggles in her field, weight loss and how the idea to write this book has popped in their mind.

There are 2 parts in this book.

Part – 1:

Part 1 consists of some fundamental laws of weight loss, what factors affect weight gain, importance of balanced nutrition, exercise, sleep, recovery and emotional detoxification. You will get to many things in this part and understand how different hormones play a vital role in major functions of the body. You will understand that insulin is not just meant for controlling sugar but it has other things to do as well. You’ll understand how stress affects in many ways and makes you not just overweight but gives you many other diseases.

I totally loved the first part of the book as a dietitian to understand the body in a better way yet simple way. He has put everything in such manner that a lay man can also understand it.

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Part – 2:

This part has the most powerful lifestyle changes and habits to lose weight and keep it off and these are 62 in number. Each of them is very important for a person to stay healthy and keep the unnecessary weight off. These 62 tips together in a capsule works like a magic pill for weight loss. Now what are those points? I’ll be cheating if I put them all here. You must read them in detail to understand each tip in better way in Luke’s language. However I can give a hint of the taste of this pill.

1. Luke tells you the importance of raw food in life and how to take it.
2. He talks about vitamin O and D.
3. He talks about ancient techniques.
4. He talks about the art of drinking water.

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5. He tells how over-training doesn’t help.
6. He gave the recipe of magic weight loss tea.
7. He guided on best fasting methods.
8. He talks about sugar.
9. The amazing methods of liver cleanse, lung detox and kidney detox.
10. He spoke about growing kitchen garden.

He spoke about many such amazing yet small changes that can change your life into a healthy one. I need not say much to tell you how worthy this book is. So, what are you waiting for? Get your “The Magic Weight-Loss Pill” now.

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