The Must Follow Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

Dry skin care
Dry skin care
Dry skin care
So, here is my first post here and I chose to start speaking about skin. Do you have dry and flaky skin that even itches sometimes? Your skin looks like tight and broken with no moisture at all. Check if you have dehydration or not since many people usually confuse dehydration with dry skin. Sometimes drinking enough water regularly can cure this problem. If you still think that yours isn’t dehydrated but dry skin, then read on to know how you can take proper care of your skin.


As soon as you wake up, to open up your sleepy eyes, just splash some water. You don’t have to use face wash now. When it’s time to take bath, use a good gentle face wash to clean your face. I hope you know how to wash or cleanse your face correctly; if not, I’ll post the common cleansing mistakes and the right method soon. While your skin is still damp, quickly grab your toner or just some rose water to dab it all over your face with a cotton ball. Next comes your day cream or your moisturizer. Since yours is dry skin, I recommend you to choose a hydrating and moisturizing cream. Apply this quickly and leave it for a couple of minutes allowing your skin to absorb it well. Now apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to protect your skin from sun rays. Leave it for 2 more minutes and then set it with loose powder or compact powder. If you want, you can apply foundation, BB cream or CC cream next to sunscreen and then finish off with all your makeup part.During The Day:Whenever you get time, like tea breaks, lunch etc., take some time to apply another thin layer of the moisturizer if you have extremely dry skin. You may need to do this in the winter season. Don’t forget to apply a good lip balm or lip butter. Carry water bottle everywhere with you because drinking water re-hydrates the skin from inside. Eat foods rich in water content.Before Bed:Use a good makeup remover and remove every trace of the makeup on your face. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired or just forget all those reasons you’ve for not removing your makeup before sleeping; remember you have to remove it. Apply a cleansing cream or lotion and remove all the dirt your skin accumulated throughout the day with a cloth or cotton. Now do the double cleansing part. Use the same gentle face wash to remove the cleanser and follow it with toner and a moisturizing night cream. Finally, take yourself off to bed, and put a bottle of water in reach.Few Tips:Don’t use tap water so often since it dries skin quickly. Try to use mineral water but we know that it’s soft water and cleaning with it isn’t easy. If this isn’t possible for you then you can at least check your tap water hardness. Use a filter for your shower and tap instead.Stop using soap for your face. It will only strip off your natural skin oils. In fact you should not use harsh soaps for your body skin as well. Use a moisturizing soap or body wash instead.After taking bath, while your skin is still damp, slather on your body lotion or body butter.Don’t forget to apply night cream before going to bed since your skin cells regenerate in the night time. Give it a good product to work effectively.If you are touching detergents then make sure to apply a good hand cream later to restore the moisture you lost. Apply hand cream and foot cream whenever your hands and feet feel dry.If your skin pores are tight and not open, then don’t use a thick cream. Prefer gels or thin lotions that get absorbed into the skin properly.Never use too hot or too cold water since it can only strip off your natural skin oils and make it too dry. Use lukewarm to normal water only.Exfoliate once or twice a week to slough away the dead skin cells and massage your skin with a good moisturizing cream since it works well on exfoliated skin.Treat your skin with good hydrating facial masks once a week. Choose the products wisely that moisturize but don’t strip away your oils.To get well moisturized soft hands and feet, apply hand and foot cream before going to bed. You can also wear socks for better results.Lips become dry often; so invest in a good lip balm or lip butter and keep applying whenever your lips become dry.Try using natural ingredients and homemade remedies since they work quite well to cure dry skin.These were few important and basic thing every one with dry skin should follow.
So, which of these must follow skin care tips for dry skin do you follow?

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