Tips For Beginners To Start Yoga – Part 2




You are going to join your first yoga class, but you have no idea what you should expect and what not. You can find first post with few tips for beginners. But before that have you checked silly thoughts of a beginner yogi?

Tips For Beginners To Start Yoga Part 1



8 Silly Thoughts Of Every Beginner Yogi



Follow the tips given below that will put you at ease:

Tips For Beginners To Start Yoga

1. What To Wear
The kind of clothes you wear depends entirely on the kind of yoga class you have joined. If you are going to a power yoga class, then you should wear something that will not stick to your body as you are going to sweat a lot. Wear something that you are comfortable in.

2. Yoga Mat
If you are new to the yoga class, make sure that you ask your instructor whether they would be providing you with a yoga mat or you need to get one of your own. It would be better that you buy a yoga mat, even if they provide you with one. You can either buy a rubber yoga mat or a synthetic made yoga mat, and make sure that you wash your yoga mat with the help of a sponge and let it air- dry.



3. Be On Time
Try and reach the class at least 10 minutes early. By doing this, you will get sufficient time to interact with your teacher and understand what all you can expect from your first class. If you are one time, you always get the chance to choose your place.

4. Touch And Feel
It is very important for you to be honest with your teacher during each and every session. If required, you can always ask for hands-on adjustment to make your session more effective. In case you do not like the touch, you can always tell your teacher, but speak up.

5. No Socks
Remember, yoga is never done with socks on. Even if you wear it during the class, your teacher will always tell you to remove your socks. In case you still feel the need of wearing one, you should wear grip yoga socks.

6. Eat Before You Go For The Class


You should not go the yoga class either with a full stomach or an empty stomach. It is advised that before your yoga class, have something light like a banana, dates, so that you do not feel light- headed during the session.

7. Get Comfortable
If you are a beginner, you will find it difficult to adjust, but this should not discourage you from going to your yoga class. You may feel pain and you may feel nagging sensation during the yoga. To make sure that this does not happen, you can always consult your yoga teacher and try and understand what has gone wrong.

8. Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!
Most of the time, your yoga session will begin with Pranayam, a beathing practice. They will give you instructions during the session, but you should not forget to breathe. This can be confusing for you, it might happen that you are breathing in when you are supposed to breathe out, but this should not discourage and you should practice more and more to get in rhythm.

What do you think of these tips for beginners to start yoga?



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