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VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer Review

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Since past two years I’ve experienced so much o hair fall that I started looking for solution to this problem. Earlier I used to have very thick hair that I wasn’t able to comb myself and took my mum’s help. May because of stress and work pressure I started losing my hair. Then while shopping with a colleague I found this, VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer in the shelf. I’ve heard before from a friend that VCare products are good. So, I thought to give it a try and immediately added it my cart. So, did it work for me or not? Let’s check that.

VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer Cover Pik

VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer Review

VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer

Price: INR 95/- for 100ml


VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer

Availability: It is easily available both online and offline

Directions of Use:

VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer


VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer

What VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer Claims To Do?

VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer

My Experience With VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer


This one comes in a white plastic spray bottle covered with a clear plastic screw cap. Packaging is strong enough to be carried in your bad while travelling. The packaging is definitely good but I find it difficult to use a spray product on hair especially when the product should cover entire scalp properly. I wish this was serum instead of spray.

VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer

Consistency & Fragrance:

The product is pale yellow colored non-greasy liquid which smells something like herbal but I’m not sure of it. It doesn’t leave your hands greasy after use. Once you spray it all over your scalp, you need to massage your scalp and make sure you’ve applied it all over the scalp. It doesn’t make the hair look oily or greasy; so, that’s a plus point.

My Experience With VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer:

Like I said before, applying this spray all over the scalp by spraying is difficult especially when you have thick and long hair. You need make sections of your hair and spray it and also make sure that you apply it all over the scalp without missing any section. Then you need to massage your scalp with your fingertips. I wish this were serum instead of spray; I could have taken it in my palm and applied it all over my scalp without wasting any product.

Speaking about its efficiency, I would not say it helped me in hair growth but I think it’s working slowly. My hair fall reduced to some extent. Maybe it will take few more bottles to show some result. Patience is the key here. You need to use it regularly and wait for the result. I would say, this is good product. You can use it everyday and go out as it doesn’t make hair look greasy at all.

Pros of VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer:

  • Easily available
  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Doesn’t make hair greasy
  • Can be used daily
  • Reduces hair fall but slowly

Cons of VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer:

  • Applying it all over the scalp is difficult especially for long and thick hair
  • Takes time to give results

Rating: 4/5

Overall: Good product

Will I Repurchase VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer?

Yes, I’m going to try it for longer duration to see if it can really reduce my hair fall and reach up to my expectations.

Will I Recommend VCare Hair Growth Vitalizer?

Yes, but if you have thick and long hair and if you feel you it is difficult to apply it properly all over the scalp then may be no.


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