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VCare Shikakai Paste – Herbal Hair Wash Review

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I heard many times about VCare hair products. These days I’m going crazy about Ayurvedic or herbal products. In my previous review of Patanjali soundarya face wash I mentioned that I bought few products. This VCare Shikakai Paste – Herbal Hair Wash is among them. I faced so much of hair fall in last few months and facing trouble treating it. So, I thought of changing my shampoo and try this one. I’ve used it few times and here I am with the review.

VCare Shikakai Paste – Herbal Hair Wash Review

VCare Shikakai Paste - Herbal Hair Wash

Price: Rs.99.00 for 75g

Availability: Availability might be an issue. VCare products can be found in few retail stores like Vijetha, Reliance, etc. but not found so easily offline. It’s also hard finding it online.

“Shikkakai, Fenugreek, Amla, Hibiscus, Preservatives etc.Point to be noted that it’s Sulphate and Parabens Free!”

VCare Shikakai Paste - Herbal Hair Wash Info

What Does VCare Shikakai Paste – Herbal Hair Wash Claim?

“Vcare Shikkakai paste is a revolution in the Hair Care Industry combining the goodness of Shikkakai and the ease of use of the paste form. Completely removes dirt and dust. Nourishes your hair and makes your hair look healthy.”

My Experience With VCare Shikakai Paste – Herbal Hair Wash


This product is packed in a white and brownish tube with a screw cap which is tight enough; so is travel friendly. I don’t have complaints regarding the package.

VCare Shikakai Paste - Herbal Hair Paste Package

Consistency & Fragrance:

When I first time took out the product in my palm I was in doubt if it’s shampoo or hair pack. This is because it is a dark brownish or Shikakai colored thick paste which doesn’t look like foaming at all. I then diluted it in little water and applied to my scalp. Then also I didn’t feel like it’s shampoo. I felt like it’s hair pack. But when I started massaging scalp, then it started to foam slightly. Yes, it doesn’t foam much. Coming to its fragrance it smells like some Ayurvedic product. I’m not sure if this smells like Shikakai but hope so (I’ve never smelled real Shikakai. I used it when I was a kid.).

VCare Shikakai Paste - Herbal Hair Wash Product

My Experience With VCare Shikakai Paste – Herbal Hair Wash:

I already spoke about its consistency and how it foams. Now I should also tell that you need so much of product to cover your scalp completely. A tube hardly comes a month if only you are using. You can expect a tube to last up to 5 uses. This means if you wash your hair twice a week, you need two such tubes a month. So, nay to this point. But if the price is not an issue for you then you can few more tubes since the results this gives are awesome. You don’t need conditioner post-shampoo. It gives silky hair and reduces hair fall as well nourishing your hair. I really liked the way it worked on my hair and so, I think I’m going to continue using this. One more thing is that it’s SLS and paraben free, what else do we need?


  • Ayurvedic
  • Fragrance and consistency are good
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Cleans scalp well
  • Nourishes hair
  • Makes hair smooth and reduces hair fall
  • SLS and paraben free


  • Expensive for the quantity
  • Comes just upto 5 uses.
  • Available is an issue.
  • Lathers less

Will I Re-Purchase?

Yes, why not? It’s reducing my hair fall.

Will I Recommend?
Yes if you don’t have issue price and you don’t mind finishing off a tube fast.

Rating: 4/5

Overall: Best Product

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