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Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream Review

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Recently I’ve shopped online from Nykaa and did a haul post on the same as well. I also showed in a post that there are many products to review. If you didn’t check it yet, then take a look at it here. Among those products I received from Nykaa was this lip cream called Vedic Line chocolate lip cream. I really get tempted even with the word chocolate and so immediately added it to my cart and thought I should try a lip cream from this brand. Yes, it’s my first lip cream from Vedic Line.

Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream Review

Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream

Price:  INR 85/- for 10g (I guess since quantity isn’t mentioned on the product)
Availability: Not available offline. I bought it online.


“Water, cocoa butter, caramel, cocoa powder, allantoin, glycerin, beeswax, olive oil and vitamin E.”

What Does Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream Claim?

No info or claims are mentioned on the product at all.

My Experience With Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream


First of all I’d like to say that when this product reached me, I felt like what is this and from which brand is it. There was no sticker, no brand name on it. I thought I got a wrong product and checked my shopping history online. But no, I got the right product but it seems got the one without sticker on it. I can’t show you the sticker which is supposed to be on the lid but it actually exists.

This lip cream comes in a tub packaging which isn’t hygienic at all. I totally hate lip creams or products in tubs since I need to dip my finger in it and then apply it to my lips. If I need to reapply, I’ve to dip the same finger into it to take out the product which is not at all hygienic. So, I recommend you take out the required amount of the product in one go. If you still feel you need to dip your finger again, please dip another finger. Moreover if you are carrying this out, then using it in public doesn’t seem so good. I prefer using it at home only due to its packaging.

The tub is made of transparent glass and it has a black plastic transparent screw type of lid which can be closed tightly. So, there’s not much risk of the product coming out when you are carrying it in your bag. It is definitely travel friendly but do not drop it so often since I once dropped it and saw slight damage on the bottom part of the tub like any glass tub may get; but still it didn’t damage too much.

Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream Package

Texture & Fragrance

The color of the lip cream as you see in the picture is little lighter than a regular chocolate. So, even in terms of color, it couldn’t really impress me. It wasn’t that tempting to me when I opened it.

The texture of the lip cream is creamy as the name says but due to its texture it’s not easily blend-able at all. So I prefer a lip balm which isn’t that creamy. However I do like creamy products than those with thin consistency.

The fragrance isn’t strong and is less chocolaty which slightly disappointed me. I expected it to smell like a dairy milk chocolate but this smells more of any creamy skin care product. This could be cocoa butter fragrance which I’m not much sure. I really expected it to smell like chocolate as soon as I open the lid.

Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream SwatchMy Experience With Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream

When I first time applied it, I really got depressed since it isn’t blend-able so easily. You need to rub your finger against your lips for a while to make the cream get into your lips. If you have dry and flaky lips, then you need to exfoliate them first and then apply it else your lips won’t absorb it at all. This isn’t that moisturizing as well; so if you don’t have much dry lips, then you can try it else skip it. I have dry lips and I mostly use Maybelline lip balms since they are the best. I got this one to try and use it in the nights or when I’m at home but unfortunately it couldn’t moisturize my lips that good.

However, for the price the quantity is quite more and it moisturizes averagely. If you have low budget, then you can use it while at home like me and carry a better one while going out; and this is also preferred only when you don’t have dry lips which needs frequent moisturization. I should also mention that you need to re-apply frequently unlike many good lip balms. So, till I finish this product, I’m going to use it before going to bed only. It also lacks SPF due to which I don’t recommend using it in the day time. You can include this as budget buy but I think there are many better products for this price.


  • Affordable (It is budget buy)
  • Tight packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Good shelf life
  • Goodness of cocoa butter, glycerin and vitamin E


  • Due to creamy texture, it isn’t easily blend-able
  • Not suitable for dry and flaky lips
  • Color and fragrance aren’t tempting like chocolate
  • Need to re-apply every few hours

Will I Repurchase Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream?

No since this isn’t suitable for my dry lips at all. I’m not even going to try other lip creams from this range but if you want me to review them as well, I may do it for review purpose.
Will I Recommend You Vedic Line Chocolate Lip Cream?

No since there are better lip balms available for this price or even cheaper. I don’t think even a girl with low budget may need it. You can go for better options.
Rating: 1/5 (This one star is for tight packaging and good ingredients in it)

Overall: Worst Product

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