Yoga for Osteoporosis

Yoga Asanas To Cure Osteoporosis

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Yoga Asanas To Cure Osteoporosis

Because of our sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy diet, pain in the bones has become very common today. Due to this we can see that people have started developing Osteoporosis at an early age itself. Yoga helps in the prevention of Osteoporosis and also slows down the disease with time. Yoga helps by increasing the absorption of calcium in your body. If you take out few minutes from your hectic schedule and perform these asanas, you will be able to not only cure but also prevent this condition. Below are some of the youga asanas to cure Osteoporosis.


This asana helps your body in stretching fully and makes it flexible in order to prevent injuries in the long run.



1. Stand straight and spread your legs. Take one foot outward and the other foot inward.
2. Stretch your arms, bend your hips to the side that is turned outward.
3. Bend as much as possible without straining your body.
4. Count till five and hold your breath. Come back to your original position and repeat the same on the other side.







This asana takes care of your adrenal gland, this is the gland that is responsible for the production of a variety of hormones. This asana will help in strengthening your spine, shoulders, arms, elbow and will also improve your motion.
1. Stand straight and keep both of your feet together and arms by your side.
2. Take your left feet a step to your left and lunge with your right leg. Simultaneously, stretch your arms as well.
3. Lift your heel as much as you can and lunge your right leg further.
4. Count till five and then come back to your original position and repeat this with your right leg.

Adho Mukho Svanaasana


This asana helps in curing each and every type of joint pain that is associated with Osteoporosis. It works with legs, abdomen and spine and helps in building your spinal strength.
1. Lie on your stomach and keep your palms near your ears.
2. While you exhale, pull your buttocks in such a way that they face towards the ceiling.
3. While coming down, push your feet towards the floor so that you lie flat on the floor.
4. Stay in this position for around 30-40 seconds and come back to your starting position.




In this asana, one has to bend backwards and bending backwards is known to be one of the best cures for Osteoporosis. If your hip has been affected because of Osteoporosis, this asana is the best asana for you.
1. Lie on your back. Keep your arms by your side and bend your knees. Your knees should be placed flat on the floor.
2. With the strength of your arms, lift your pelvis off the floor.
3. While doing this, touch your ankle with your hands and make sure that your neck and back is flat.
4. Stay in this position for at least 5 counts and then return to the original position.

These may seem little difficult initially if you are a beginner but these can gradually improve your bone health; you must keep doing these yoga asanas to cure osteoporosis.



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